Youth Development Coordinator – Garinger High School

Position Available:           Youth Development Coordinator (YDC)        

Job Status:                        Exempt / Full Time / 11-Month Position   

Department/Location:      Garinger High School

Primary Function: Responsible for the planning and management of Communities In Schools operations at the site and the implementation of the Communities In Schools model of integrating student services.  The Youth Development Coordinator position will identify and assess the needs of enrolled students.  This position will work directly with students and families to improve attendance, academics, and behavior:  Connecting school content to real world experiences, reinforcing positive patterns, character development, and discovering intrinsic motivation   

Major Areas of Responsibility:

Ø  Collaborates with school administrators, staff and teachers in the implementation of the Communities In Schools model. The site team may include other Communities In Schools employees, volunteers, schools staff or faculty and/or other community partners.  This process will include the building and nurturing of school staff relations, relationships to school and community and the engagement of volunteer for the delivery of services.

Ø  Member of the school support team that develops the annual school needs assessment. This process will be based on such sources as data collected by school districts and schools as part of overall school improvement initiatives, surveys and discussions with staff, parents and students, and evaluation results from the previous year.

Ø  Lead the development and implementation of the school support plan. The plan will include measurable objectives, as well as procedures for delivering school-wide services, targeted and sustained services, monitoring and adjusting services, and evaluating and reporting effectiveness.

Ø  Lead and coordinate the delivery of evidencebased services based on best practice and risk factor research. Widely accessible school wide services will be provided to help address identified school-wide needs or to build and reinforce student assets.

Ø  Case manage students through targeted and sustained services that will be coordinated and provided at the school site for specific students who are identified as having the greatest risk of eventually dropping out of school.

Ø  Monitoring and adjust services.  The Youth Development Coordinator will lead the CIS site team in regularly monitoring and adjusting services as needed to maximize effectiveness and impact.

Ø  Evaluate the effectiveness at achieving school and student individualized goals.  The Youth Development Coordinator will lead the CIS site team in implementing a systematic data collection plan to evaluate the effectiveness of services in achieving school-wide goals and addressing the needs of individual students.

Ø  Support annual reporting process.  Annual end-of-year reports will be provided to school and affiliate leadership which are instrumental in planning site services for the following year, as well as contributing to affiliate level reports for partners, the state office and the Communities In Schools National Office.

Ø  Lead and coordinate the delivery of evidencebased services based on best practice and risk factor research. Services provided should fall within the framework of Academic, Behavior Coursework and Parent Engagement (ABC+P).  

Ø  Complete appropriate documents relative to capturing services provided to students within seven days of service delivery. Ensure accurate and timely data is entered in CIS Student Database System (CISDM).

Specific Functions:

Ø  Identify students to administer attendance, behavioral and academic monitoring/interventions in support of educational success.

Ø  Plan and organize student-training opportunities to observe, teach and reinforce pro-social behaviors and life skills using community resources/support.

Ø  Work with parents of CIS students to assist and support students’ academic success, as well as career planning and training.

Ø  Assist in removing academic barriers through coordination of health & critical needs, dental and optometric screening/treatment services to CIS students.

Ø  Communicate regularly with teachers and/or counselors seeking their support and advice, so as to create a cooperative relationship to support students.

Ø  Conduct school support team meetings, attend weekly school staff meetings, staff development activities and other relevant meetings to assist with student engagement as required. 

Job Requirements:

Ø  Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or related field, Master’s preferred, Social Work Licensure preferred.

Ø  Minimum of 2 years of successful experience working in social work and/or counseling required, experience working with school-age children and in school environment preferred.

Ø  Previous case management; experience screening, triaging, and the referral process; familiarity with local health and human service agencies.

Ø  Capacity for creative problem solving, conflict resolution, and violence prevention, with experience conducting presentations/workshops for groups.

Ø  Exceptional interpersonal skills and an ability to build and maintain strong relationships while fostering a spirit of collaboration with internal colleagues and external partners; with students, parents, and school personnel.

Ø  Possess strong time and project management skills; have specific examples of such work: self-starter, well- organized, detail-oriented, the ability to effectively work independently and within a team framework in a fast-paced environment.

Ø  Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to write/edit reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals.

Ø  Experience working with Microsoft office.

Ø  Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds.

Ø  Self-motivated with the ability to work independently.

Ø  A valid NC driver’s license and an acceptable driving record.

Please submit a resume and cover letter to cishr@cischarlotte.org