Comprehensive Services

The heart of our mission is to wrap intervention services around students and bring community resources into schools to empower success for all students, both inside and outside the classroom.


Services are delivered via our Site Coordinators, using a case management model with a laser focus on Attendance, Behavior, Coursework, and Parent Engagement (A B C + P).

CIS Site Coordinators are full-time, trained professionals who work inside selected CMS schools every day, building relationships with students, school staff, volunteers, and community partners, connecting students to resources and relationships designed to help them succeed. To achieve A B C + P outcomes for students, Site Coordinators are trained in these areas of focus: Parent Engagement; Developmental Relationships; Social Capital Exchange; Trauma-Informed Care; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access; and Social-Emotional Learning.

Examples of CIS support services include:

  • Individual Case Management
  • Counseling and Referrals to other Agencies
  • Basic Needs – clothing, food, uniforms, etc.
  • Attendance Monitoring and Support
  • Academic Support and Enrichment
  • Mentoring and Tutoring Resources
  • Behavioral Interventions
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Cultural and Work-Life Experiences
  • Social Capital Exposure and Networking
  • Parent Engagement
  • College/Career Readiness and Access
  • Leadership and Life Skills Development
  • Health Screenings and Services
Differentiated Site Coordinator Roles

Right Kind of Support

To further enhance targeted interventions and meet each student’s unique needs, CIS-Charlotte has developed differentiated roles for Site Coordinators. This differentiation of roles and services allows CIS to provide the right kind of support, in the right amount, at the right time for students. Current Site Coordinator roles include:

  • Intensive Case Manager, providing stabilization and holistic, wraparound services for students/families in crisis or experiencing trauma.
  • Check & Connect Coordinator, helping students establish new patterns of attendance and behavior so that they are no longer chronically absent.
  • Youth Development Coordinator, helping students improve their academic growth and social-emotional development.
  • Educational & Career Coach, helping students from low income and “first generation” (to attend college) households
    access opportunities for college admissions and career pathways.

In addition to our Comprehensive Services, CIS-Charlotte provides Specialized Intervention Services that address very specific challenges of youth in our community