Harris Teeter VIC Card

Please link your Harris Teeter VIC Card to Communities In Schools!

Harris Teeter VIC CardIf you currently shop at Harris Teeter and have a VIC Card, please help support Communities In Schools by asking the cashier to link your card to our Code #, which is 5257. You can link up to five schools (or organizations) to your card, and Harris Teeter will donate a percentage of your store purchases (Harris Teeter brand items) to the schools/organizations linked to your VIC Card! Every little bit helps! Please remember that you need to re-link your card every year to the schools/organizations you choose. You may ask the cashier to re-link your card, or you can do so on the Harris Teeter web site at this link: https://www.harristeeter.com/together-in-education

If you do not currently have a VIC Card, you can ask for one in any Harris Teeter store, or apply for one at this web link: https://www.harristeeter.com/eVICBenefits/e-vic-benefits

Thank you for supporting CIS in this way! Again, our VIC Card Code# is 5257.