Senior Spotlight: Mariyah

Mariyah Curb
Phillip O. Berry Academy

This special young lady is engineering a bright future for herself! Congratulations to Mariyah, who graduated on June 12 from Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology – in fact, she graduated high school a year early, in just three years! Mariyah is breaking barriers, as a black female aiming for a career as a mechanical engineer. She will be attending North Carolina A & T State University this fall to major in mechanical engineering. #AggiePride!

Mariyah credits her CIS Site Coordinator, Monay Miller, for helping her gain self-confidence and navigate personal life situations while remaining true to her own needs and goals. She often spent her lunch period in Ms. Miller’s office, where they would have good conversations about life experiences.

“Ms. Miller gave advice using her own personal experiences to connect relevance,” Mariyah explained. “One of the best pieces of advice she gave me was to learn how to not care what others think about you. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s OK. I overcame the desire to be a ‘people-pleaser.’”

Mariyah with Site Coordinator Monay Miller

Ms. Miller describes Mariyah as hard-working, focused, and a joy to work with. “Mariyah has big dreams and does not shy away from the work that is required to make things happen,” Ms. Miller said. “Mariyah is not afraid to be herself and shows up authentically in every space she occupies. She is becoming an amazing young lady who will have an impact everywhere she goes.”

Mariyah dreams of being financially comfortable so that she can own her own home and take her mom on a Harry Potter cruise. We hope all your dreams come true, Mariyah. Go make it happen! 

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