Senior Spotlight: Cesar

Cesar Pacheco
South Mecklenburg High School

As a proud graduate of South Mecklenburg High School, Cesar Pacheco is looking to his future! About 18 months ago, graduating from high school seemed an unlikely scenario for Cesar. He had actually dropped out of school due to personal reasons. But he decided to come back after several months, and his CIS Site Coordinator, Mel Castaneda, helped him get re-engaged and caught up in his school work.
“I am incredibly proud of Cesar,” said Ms. Castaneda. “This past year, he had great attendance and excelled academically. And now he is also an advocate for dropout prevention.”
Cesar is grateful to Ms. Castaneda for being there for him and encouraging him every step of the way. “She is someone I can trust and who provided support, personal help, and even small rewards and incentives to keep me motivated.”
Cesar says he is most proud of his decision to come back to school and then stick with it and doing well in his classes. He wants to attend college or train for a professional trade such as an electrician or mechanic. He knows his future is brighter now as a high school graduate. CIS is proud of you, too, Cesar, and believe you will succeed in whatever career path you choose. Congratulations to you!
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