Site Coordinator-Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office

Positions Available:  Site Coor. Mecklenburg County Sherriff Office (MCSO)   

Job Status:  Non-Exempt / Full Time                  

Location: Jail North Facility  

Primary Function: Under supervision of CIS Program Director and guidance of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, the Site Coordinator (SC) in the Jail facility will identify and assess the needs of Incarcerated youthful offenders through a case management model, coordinating activities and services that guide youthful offenders. 

Major Areas of Responsibility: Identify student Youthful Offenders and administer comprehensive assessments related to strengths/deficits in education, including social, emotional, familial, physical and judicial background in an effort to build repertoire, relationship with all involved. 

  • Coordinate the process for ensuring there is appropriate planning and problem-solving around the needs and resources for the student Youthful Offenders. 
  • Provide on-site coordination of human services to the jail facility site that address the needs of student Youthful Offenders placed in the program. The SC will ensure that public and private human service partnerships are present and engaged at the facility to deliver necessary services to each student Youthful Offenders. 
  • Consult with school counselor to ensure student Youthful Offenders are enrolled in appropriate courses to achieve educational and career plan. 
  • Monitor behavior and academic progress; as well as implement appropriate strategies to assist student Youthful Offenders in overcoming academic difficulties.
  • Counsel and advise students around academics, behavior and post-secondary opportunities and exposures
  • Coordinate staffing (support team meetings) aimed at assessing needs setting goals and strategizing around interventions, which may be implemented. Link school team professionals, parents, along with appropriate agency/community personnel for the purpose of addressing student Youthful Offenders’ issues. 
  • Provide overall case management and dropout prevention services to an identified group of students – ensuring their social, emotional, medical and educational needs are addressed – as resources are available at the facility/school/community level. 
  • Work with each identified student Youthful Offenders to form relationships; encourage expression through the use of journals
  • Coordinate with jail and school officials – the transition from jail back to the home school. Work with officials and parents around details which outline where the student is returning (home/school); the conditions of his return to the placement; note any stipulations relative to probation and a plan for curfew, checking in with police officer, etc. 
  • Participate and coordinate student Youthful Offenders training efforts to enhance life skills that will assist youth in reducing specific risk factors which caused their incarceration.
  • Work with parents of student Youthful Offenders to assist and support students’ transition to home school assignment, or other educational setting to ensure academic success, as well as career planning and training. 
  • Assist with completion of appropriate school documentation and other documentation relative to capturing services provided to students, as well as other necessary documents.
  • Ensure that accurate and timely data are entered in CIS Student Information Data Management (CISDM), as well as ensuring jail facility documents logs, sign-in sheets and other facility documentations are utilized. 
  • The following service provision guidelines have been established to create the minimum standards of care for each youthful offender upon entry/exit to Jail North/Jail Central.
    • Upon 48 hours of intake to facility, CIS SC shall have contact with youthful offender to begin service provision
    • Each youthful offender will have the initial assessment within 5 days of entering the facility
    • Each youthful offender will have individual counseling within 5 days of entering the facility
    • SC will make contact with the home school/guidance counselor within 5 days of initial assessment
    • SC will devise Crisis Plan for youthful offender within 7 days of initial assessment
    • SC will engage in the following principal activities:
      • Primary service: 70% (25% Initial Assessment, 25% Student Engagement Activities and 20% Student Transition)
      • Secondary service: 15% (10% Parent/Family Services and 5% Student Training)
      • Documentation and Record Keeping – 15%

Job Requirements

  • Candidates must have at least a bachelor’s degree and 2 years of relevant equivalent experience working with youth in education, social work, criminal justice, or related field
  • Aside from having successful experience in working with school-age children, effective written and verbal communication skills and familiarity with local health and human service agencies an SC must possess the knowledge, skills and personal attributes needed to support the critical features of positive youth development settings.  These core competencies are as follows:
    • Understand and apply basic child and adolescent development principles
    • Communicate and develop positive relationships with youth
    • Adapt, facilitate and evaluate age appropriate activities with and for the group
    • Respect and honor cultural and human diversity
    • Involve and empower youth
    • Identify potential risk factors with students, families and communities and take measures to reduce those risks
    • Care for, involve and work with families and community
    • Work as part of a team and shows professionalism
    • Demonstrate the attributes and qualities of a positive role model
    • Interact with and relate to youth in ways that support asset building

Language Skills: Candidates must have:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to analyze and interpret business periodicals, professional journals, technical manuals, and governmental regulations
  • Ability to write and edit reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals

Contact Information: To apply, please submit resume and cover letter to Carolyn Rockett by April 6,
by e-mail, cishr@cischarlotte.org