First Day of School: Quail Hollow Middle School

First Day of School: Quail Hollow Middle School

Submitted by Chapman Archer
CIS Intensive Case Manager at Quail Hollow Middle School

“HOPE in all of the staff, parents, and definitely the students is so strong it could knock you flat on your back. SO much magic in the first week! In the spirit of all things real, two of my new students are already serving suspensions. Their choices have consequences and many times the consequences assigned are out of my control. The beauty and privilege of our roles as CIS Site Coordinators is what happens next…

I had the ability to converse with both students outside of school. One family welcomed me in their home where we discussed the challenges and frustrations, giving the disappointed parent a safe place to share and vent. The family and I conversed with the student that they are not defined by their choices and that they are much more than their mistakes. That they are loved and valued and together we will rise from the storms and challenges. That I will be a support all year to work on skills and self-advocacy that will help avoid getting in these situations. That we all have to do our part (including their school work while they are home). That someone from the school cares enough to come out and show them THEY MATTER and help hold them accountable to making the best of a challenging situation.

 The second family unfortunately was not as welcome to the conversation, despite my efforts to include them in Open House and giving them a heads up that I was coming (which most likely stems from a history of such pain, hurt, and distrust). I followed up with the student this morning and they shared with me they could not believe I drove 30 minutes from the school just to check on them. We discussed the suspension, dislikes about school, next steps on building positive relations with their family, and eligibility for the basketball team. A presence of apprehension softened to more trust and vulnerability from us both. 

Some HOPE was restored, which I am optimistic will lead to seeds of success and growth in the right direction.