Career Pathways with Cummins, Inc.

On January 30, the CIS team had the fantastic opportunity to visit Cummins, Inc., a leader in industrial innovation, alongside a bright group of CIS students from Rocky River High School. Our aim? To explore a range of  career pathways for our students.

As we toured the Cummins facility, our students were impressed not only by the range of services Cummins provides that impact our daily lives, but also by the genuine enthusiasm of the Cummins team in guiding and educating us. They shared invaluable insights into the diverse career paths available, emphasizing the importance of skilled trades in today’s economy.

A standout moment was learning about Cummins’ commitment to workforce development, particularly their generous tuition reimbursement program. This initiative is a game-changer, offering students a tangible pathway to further their education while gaining hands-on experience in the industry.

For our students, this visit was more than just a tour; it opened new possibilities for their future. They discovered that a career in trade offers a viable alternative to traditional four-year college degrees and also opens doors to exciting, well-paying jobs and long-term career growth.

We are grateful to Cummins for providing this experience for our students and their dedication to nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals. The visit has sparked a new interest in trade careers among our students and has reinforced the importance of workforce development in shaping a robust and skilled workforce for the future.

Let’s keep encouraging our youth to explore all avenues of career development – the future is bright, diverse, and filled with endless possibilities!