Dear CIS Friends,

Like you, we are reeling from the images and stories of police violence towards Black Americans and the weaponization of racial profiling that have surfaced over the past couple of weeks. Sadly, these are not isolated events or circumstances, rather mere symptoms of significant and deeply rooted problems in our country. These profound, longstanding, and systemic issues are showing up in very real ways.  We cannot continue to work every day aware of the difficult and painful experiences facing our nation, our neighbors, our students, and ourselves and not acknowledge them as an organization.

 We stand firmly against matters that impact all of us.  We may not have the answers, but one thing is for certain; racism and discrimination are ruinous forces and have no place in our organization nor should they have a place in our nation.

Communities In Schools is against discrimination of any kind. Against bigotry of any kind.  Against injustice in any form.  We will continue to work to build a just and righteous society by showing up for the marginalized and by supporting our community and our team. 

Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Inc.